Quarantined and the Stay-Pantry

This is a very strange experience for us in the United States as we accept the fact that for the next four weeks we must practice this social isolation strategy for the corona-virus. This is a huge challenge since we were really accustom to social gatherings with our church and our spiritual groups. In Africa, there were times we stayed in for other reasons, but we would come to our gates and chat from across the road, even though we could not go visit.

So, the Africa experience minimizes our challenge of online school, because our recent years of experience using the Virginia’s Virtual Academy when we were abroad gives us a point of reference. The “education coach” on You Tube” helps my 13- year old in 9th grade with a solid foundation of all middle school subjects and my pre-Kinder with her lessons following a calendar.

Yesterday, it was a bit unexpected and shocking to see the chaos of people and the broken down shelves in the stores that looked pillaged. People pushed carts with gallons of water, can food, toilet paper falling off the sides of the carts. I began to think if all of this could have been handled differently and would we continue to have a stock pile of food, water and medicine after this national emergency is over.

In the back of my mind was the dilemma, should I do the same thing, or could I just get the few items I came for originally? I almost felt like I was missing out on some kind of supermarket competition. But I plan to write everyday as an experience of being Quarantined.

I invite you to share your ideas, experiences and experiments in creativity the next three weeks. By the way, Zeus, our Berndoodle is also quarantined with us.

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